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With the Fall of the Empire the REBELLION swiftly ratified under the banner of the REPUBLIC. Besieged by the IMPERIAL REMNANT the new Government barely fights off the alien menace of the YUUZHAN VONG with the aid of the Jedi Master BISHOP GUYAN, Leader of the REPUBLIC’s Forces. The REPUBLIC’s Laws become more and more oppresive as they struggle to maintain the fragile peace. In protest BISHOP GUYAN leaves with a third of the REPUBLIC’s Armed Forces to rally the OUTER RIM TERRITORIES into a Confederacy, promoting freedom of the ever more oppressive laws. In retaliation, the REPUBLIC launches a campaign to bring the rebellious new OUTER RIM CONFEDERACY back under its control. The IMPERIAL REMNANT sits idle for now, perhaps waiting for the chance to strike.

You can access the game by logging into alexanderkilathos.servegame.com with the port 1338 by using the excellent MUSHclient or any other MU*Client you prefer!

Star Wars: The Price of Power

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